Tell us as much as you can about your garments. By pointing out stains, spots and material types it makes our job of serving you easier. Our trained staff can also advise you as to what can and cannot be cleaned and what risks exist for delicate items. All drycleaning involves a tumble action, therefore any rips or loose buttons should be identified so we can take extra care.
Always try to clean matching items together. This ensures that any natural fading (which can happen over time) occurs as evenly as possible.
Clean any dirty garments (particularly with stains) as soon as possible. By leaving garments dirty it reduces the life of the item. Dirt and grime is very abrasive and will wear fibres quickly. We also advise against trying stain removal at home. This can further exacerbate or set existing stains making them potentially difficult to remove.
Contrary to popular belief, frequent drycleaning actually increases the life of your garments. It removes the abrasive dirt (mentioned above) plus removes stains which can discolour garments over time.
As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Dry Cleaning On The Run does not promote itself as a price discounter. Rather as a quality drycleaning delivery service you can rely on.
  We advise never to store your garments in plastic. Plastic, whilst not only bad for the environment, will cause garments to sweat, moisture condensation and potential fabric damage.
Try to take care of your garments by protecting them from the obvious contact with food and drink, but also from things such as hair products, aftershaves/perfumes, perspiration and other contaminants.
Through the regular drycleaning of your clothing, bedding and drapes, things such as dust mites, pollution, cigarette smoke, bacteria and fungi are removed. These pollutants can cause mild to severe problems for sufferers of asthma, hay fever, allergies or other respiratory conditions. Dry Cleaning clothing is the most effective way of removing these pollutants resulting in better health.



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